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Learning Mode

Sept 15 - May 1

During "Learning Season"

all of the money earned during the summer tourism activities is donated directly to the Center for Research & Creation to cover all functioning costs of the project. No one receives a salary from La Source; our functioning budget is transparent and public.


Earning Mode

May 15 - Sept 10

During "Earning Season"

 the property's residency and collective spaces are dedicated to lucrative activities, including:  

eco tourism, bed & breakfast, and guided wellness-tourism retreats (ex. digital detox, fasting/cleansing, eco-therapy, art-therapy, etc.) & event venue rental

financial plan

In order to ensure the continuity of the project, we have decided not to rely on government or institutional grants, but instead to build a self-sufficient, sustainable model. We understand that additional resources may be required from time to time. For this, we will turn to our networks and circle for fundraising

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