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In elementary school, it occurred to me not every family uses Astrology and Tarot. I asked my Mom: “What inspired your path?” She giggled, looked me in the eyes and tapped my nose: “I had just found out I was pregnant. I wanted to get to know you better before you got here.”

I have been surrounded by Divination since I was in utero.

Usually, at this point, an expert would offer a list of their credentials. I would rather earn your trust by sharing my journey. Allow me to narrate my basic spiritual center and routines.

I began attending B.O.T.A. in 2010. Builders of the Adytum is a modern Mystery School. My spiritual practice is rooted in the belief that we live in a loving universe where conflict is natural, and the cycle of life-death-rebirth has a harmonious rhythm. Specifically, this practice involves meditation, Tarot cards, studies of Christianity and the Mystical Qabalah. These studies have advanced my abilities to make connections between patterns. In turn, during Divination, we create new stories with the same character - YOU.

I was born to a Mother and Father who fully participated in a variety of cultures, exposing my younger sister and I to diverse spiritual practices. As I grew up, they both shared their personal beliefs with me.

Our family was active in volunteering for The Dons Club, a non-profit that offers tours of the US Southwest. My Dad is a great storyteller. He would share the folklore and Arizona history on a tour bus, while my sister and I sat at the back. While getting familiar with most of the parks and historical monuments, we made a few friends at some of the tourist attractions.

In Monument Valley, AZ a friend gave my Dad an eagle feather. He hung the talisman from the rearview mirror of the family station wagon. More about that in another Star Blog. In addition to learning about the different tribes over the many years of visits to their lands, we had our own spiritual practices and talismans.

Our family would attend church services at Our Lady of the Angels, Franciscan Renewal Center in Paradise Valley, Arizona. My mom was almost always wearing her gold cross necklace. I had an affinity for the Rosary.

In addition to attending church, my Mom shared her universal spiritual beliefs of Astrology, Tarot, Feminism, Buddhism and Christianity. My preppy Dad and artistic Mom created a blended perspective of spirituality that has given me a unique spiritual foundation.

Kathryn Mitchell

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