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I am a Performance artist, theater maker and an educator. I work with body, space, time and words. I am a big believer of the creative process and that is what I enjoy the most. Another important aspect of my practice is participation. I create manuals that contain instructions for the performances/actions.

I have been working with the theme of Ishq (Love with the capital L because there is no word for it in English Language. Some may describe it as unconditional love). I believe that all art is the by-product of either love or fear. My Masters' research was on the idea of love and human connection. I believe that I practice art out of love and practicing art is the reason that I am in love everyday. I am also working on the curriculum of/for cultivating love through creative process by making designed environments for students to experience the world around them differently and providing a platform that is not contested and encourages conversation, appreciation and gratitude. I believe that Love is a frequency, a default vibration of all beings and we can tune into it whenever we want. I want to make people experience that vibration through my art. In order to experience love we have to go back to the basics and connect with the basic elements and the energies of earth, water, fire and air.

Sobia Zaidi
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