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Applications are now open for

TEMENOS art fellowship candidates

for the 2023/2024 program.

Send all other inquiries to


We look forward to hearing from you and are purely joyful that you're interested in joining us!


to APPLY :

May 01 :  Applications open

July 10 : Initial application review

July 15 : Initial notification

We will be accepting 6 fellows

for Fall 2023.

We will continue to receive and review applications until we are sure to have found the balance of voices we're searching to gather. After June 10, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; some applicants may be placed on a waiting list. 

Housing preferences will be considered in order of the date of application.

Fall Session :

October 1 - December 17, 2023

Spring Session : 

February 4 -  April 21, 2024

Summer Session :​ 

May 5 - July 21, 2024

Send an email to with the subject title: "TEMENOS art fellowship application" including the following contents:​


  • A link to a video (or if you're stubbornly unwilling, a letter) introducing your universe to the selection committee. Please include in this video/letter:

    • a little bit of context about your world/life

    • an introduction to your "artistic" practice/s

    • an introduction to your "centering" practice/s

    • your reasons for applying and creative ambitions as a TEMENOS fellow


  • A sampling of your artistic/creative work (20 images, 20 minutes, 20 pages...)

  • Your contact information: Name, mailing & residential address (if different), email address, phone number, links to creative/personal projects


  • Your CV


  • Which session/s you are applying for, and your room preference (see FAQ section of TEMENOS for details)

for Video: YouTube and Vimeo are preferred to DropBox or GoogleDrive. If absolutely necessary for the application video, a message via our FaceBook page is also possible.

for Photos: DropBox, GoogleDrive, and WeTransfer are all fine.

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