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White Sheet


Coordinators at La SOURCE not only care for their various domains of responsibility that allow the center to continue to thrive, but also engage fully with the proposed research/creation frame in the spectrum of their own creative and integrative practices. 

Elise Goldstein



Elise Goldstein is an archetypal analyst, researcher, artist, and meaning-maker.

She is a specialist in intra-personal communication, the study of how inner dialogue shapes the creation of self, identity, and perception. Beyond the study of archetypes, her private practice focuses on self-inquiry through personal or collective ritual, creative expression, sensorial experience, and symbolic action. Her ongoing project, Wisdom Weaving, includes the immersive accompaniment of people facing terminal diagnoses in order to facilitate the redaction of a “A Will of Wisdom” - a document expressing life-insights, passed on to loved-ones following death.

Elise has been lecturing, participating in conferences, and facilitating workshops across Europe for the last 12 years on the subjects of artistic research, ritual therapy, theological epistemology, and eco-spirituality. She received her MFA in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010, and completed her postgraduate research at the Royal Institute of Theater, Cinema & Sound in Brussels in 2012 through the Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies program (a.pass).


In early 2021, Elise founded La SOURCE Centre de Recherche & Création - the first transdisciplinary research/creation center dedicated to Love-Studies.

Radu Lazar

coordinator of publication / documentation

Radu is a writer and an artist. He studied Fine Arts and Philosophy; and has practiced Buddhist meditation for seven years. He has written two books: one a poetical-philosophical exploration of meditative states and the other, a novel that explores the possibility of the natural expansion of human intelligence, using the material world as hardware, as a necessary counterpart to the artificial expansion of intelligence.

As an artist, Radu has experience with painting Byzantine-style icons, mural fresco-painting for churches, and large, abstract-expressionist paintings. He now experiments with installation, land art, as well as various forms of interventions and performance. He also enjoys drawing and photography.

He practices various forms of meditation, which are organically integrated into the process of philosophical analysis and creation. He hopes to participate in developing, at La Source, skillful methods that would help integrate the intelligence of matter into a holistic, unified model of human consciousness, thus assisting humanity in its evolution towards a vaster domain of manifestation.

Remi Confida

coordinator of community / volunteering


Remi is a multi-instrumentalist song catcher, sound healer, storyteller, and martial-heartist. 


He grew up in France near Paris where he studied law. He worked for years in the field of education and social work, first with teenagers, then with young criminal offenders to assist them in their process of reintegrating into society. 


Strongly driven by curiosity and a striving for understanding, he left France on a journey of self-discovery for 10 years. He traveled through South America, USA, North and East Europe, and lived in Australia where he learned meditation, Tai-chi, Non-Violent Communication, and alternative ways of living.


He joined La Source in 2021, moved by a deep love for questions and a wish to create tools for growing inclusion, recognition, and appreciation of one´s challenges & differences. He´s especially passionate about integrating masculine energy as a listening, caring, creative force to serve the community and the world.

Cléo Munro

coordinator of admin

Cléo Munro is a French painter and ceramicist. She is painting on canvas and on city walls. She is interested in between-places : the messages we receive from places that are not material, not tangible, the images during dreams, the sensations on the body, what we feel when we allow ourselves to feel. What appears when we listen, when we pay attention, when we ask… Messages arrive as pictures, or words when they wish to be seen and heard.

When she paints, she creates a picture as much as the picture recreates her.


Cléo is also inspired by folk tales, ancient wisdom, shamanic traditions, and especially all in relation to womanhood, ancestry, lineage, and our connections to the subtle world. We are the translators, but who is talking through us ? Painting is a place to recreate a story, to honor and thank what wants to die and what wants to come to life.

She is also curious about the life and interactions of small animals as metaphors for our human emotional explosions and struggles. The raw and the tender. She is questioned by the feeling of intimacy: when do we bond? when do we fear? when is it too much? or not enough? or just as it should be? Trying to find answers by portraying herself and her friends, eventually as strangers.

want to join us?

Life together in our lush little laboratory of radical creation is wildly fulfilling, wonderfully intense, and frankly, the best classroom any of us could have hoped for. If you feel the magnetic pull to join the life/art/love adventure, write us at, no matter the season.
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