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Research & or vs. Creation?
In Inner-Connective Love-Studies
Marc Hoffman
Feb 14, 2021
"We are conscious enough to destabilize our beliefs, and our traditional patterns of action, but not conscious enough to understand them. If the reasons for the existence of our traditions were rendered more explicit, however, perhaps we could develop greater intrapsychic and social integrity." - Jordan Peterson Maps of Meaning (1999), p. 234 JP speaks of explicitness as a means to keep the values of traditions that are often thrown away along the obsolete parts of traditions like the baby poured out with the dirty water. This gives an insight on the importance of research -which is done through explicitness- for saving values that would be otherwise trashed with the obsolete. It is the same at the other end with creation. @Aron Mueller 's last sentence points to clarity of research and accurateness of creation as an ideal level of learning. At such a level, one -whether research or creation- would automatically cause the other. However when with any of the two we are conscious enough to change the course of motivation, but not conscious enough to fully satisfy us, we need the other to complement the lack of clarity and accuracy reached with the one. Which of the two is the one lacking and which is the one complementing can vary from issue to issue and from person to person or from tradition to tradition. Both; research and creation are necessary arts for carrying humans forward to progress. Research clarifies the map, creation improves the driving. It is like with driving lessons, the best and most integrated theory lessons including clear illustrations and demonstrations of the driving itself, do not suffice (do not make us conscious enough) for the actual driving. To overcome the challenges present while driving, whether from the road or from our mental and physical dispositions, our own training is needed. If one doesn't want to endlessly wait for research to reach ultimate clarity or for creation to reach ultimate accuracy, both must be combined. The day for 'research so clear that it automatically emerges in creation and creation so accurate that it illuminates the research' is still far ahead. Both; research and creation not being crystal clear, still need a level of intuitive trust of their making sense.
Eco-love as a starting point to accept and love all
In Eco-Connective Love-Studies
Marc Hoffman
Jan 28, 2021
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Zarathustran Love Motto
In Omni-Connective Love-Studies
Marc Hoffman
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