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Research & Creaton Residencies



We invite researchers and creators working in every field, discipline and tradition on projects or studies linked to love to come and work on their art, music, writing, ideas, practices, performances, theories and inquiries at La SOURCE. 

Love, you say? Yes, love. And no, we do not provide or aim to produce a singular definition of that concept. Instead, together, we build an archive of possible meanings, understandings and methods that help to explore and share its complexity, and ultimately increase its circulation in the world - in whatever form that may take.

We are searching for diversity in our residents, on every level. We imagine love to be like the water current deep below the surface of the earth (an aquifer) - it is therefore of potential relevance to every field of study, as it flows beneath everything.  It likely touches even topics that seem, on the surface, totally unrelated. 


We invite residents to work on one of 3 levels:

  • inner-connective love within the self ) 

  • inter-connective love between self & other )​

    • this is for anyone working on the level of 'human' interaction, ideas & communication: social scientists, dancers, philosophers, historians, poets, spiritual teachers, bodyworkers, psychologists, nurses, theologians, film makers...

  • eco-connective love for our environment )

    • this is for anyone working on the level of space, scenography & ecology: interior designers, botanists, geologists, environmental activists, architects, gardeners, foresters, permaculturists, set designers, archaeologists, conservationists, earth-builders...

We understand that these 3 categories are interwoven. We encourage contact, collaboration, and connection between all residents with the dearest hope of cross-pollination. 


We share evidence of the residencies and resulting practices, insights and art in our annual publication: 


Insights & Practices for a Culture in Love

What exactly do we mean by "Researcher" & "Creator"?

So glad you asked. For us,

  • a researcher is a passionate lover of questions

  • a creator is one who learns through making 

Simple as that.

And, more concretely, what do we mean by research & creation on campus? What do we imagine residents will do

  • a researcher comes to explore, expand, develop, and investigate questions about love in the context of their field of interest or expertise

  • a creator comes to make things, experiences or tools that assist in understanding, generating and practicing love


Research & Creation Residencies last between 3-10 weeks, during the Fall & Spring Research Semesters. 

(residencies can be extended by 10 days to include the conference week upon request)


All residents have their own private rooms and continuous access to collective spaces - free of charge. Individual studio spaces can be organized upon request.

Residents may use the property & shared resources for their research projects and creative process - in coordination with scheduled center activities.

(for example, the use of collective spaces to teach, run study-groups, circles or performances; the use of the grounds for installations and interventions, the use of ateliers/tools for creative practice, etc.) 


Residents' contributions are welcome in the yearly WORKBOOK/PLAYBOOK. There is no obligation, but this is strongly encouraged. This annual publication allows us to share your definitions of love, and the fruits of your research with the world at large. 

We are happy to help facilitate exhibitions or public presentations in local venues and institutions who could be interested in your work and offerings.




1 weekly window: an offering, update or experience to help open your project and process to others on campus. 

Openness to engage in the research and work of other residents. (there is obviously no forced collaboration; we ask only for the spirit of curiosity and receptivity.)

Openness to engage with seekers in your process of research and creation. (for more information about 'seeker retreats')


A presentation of your research/work prior to your departure.


5 hours of work a week to assist with project and property functioning. 

Equitable participation in collective domestic chores to maintain a heathy & harmonious environment. (the usual stuff - cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc.)

A general attitude of generosity through contribution.

(We ask that everyone on campus comes in the spirit of support and participation. No one should feel pressured, and limits of personal health and balance will be respected.)

Please note that we do not provide a stipend for travel, food, expenses or supplies, but we are happy to provide supporting documentation to grant/funding bodies upon request.

For a donation of 10-15€ per day, residents can access the collective pantry and collective meals.


Seeker Retreats



"Seeking" is a practice of listening. We define "seekers" as researchers working specifically to understand and cultivate love within and for themselves during a period of crisis. We provide a space to listen-in.

As humans, things happen in life that throw us into a state of crisis from time to time. The 'over-culture' tells us to avoid crisis at all costs because it interrupts functionality. Well, needless to say, we feel differently. At La SOURCE, we see crisis as an opportunity for profound learning, growth, wisdom, and insight... insights that can benefit not only the one in crisis, but all of us.


Crisis - is defined etymologically as “a turning point”; it is a state of the suspension of beliefs, of disorientation, of the dissolution of habits, and can also be a moment of reevaluation that creates space for rebirth - the re-conception of a new order, a new way of being, a new reality. Crisis, if supported and embraced, can be an act of research and creation, in and of itself. La SOURCE recognizes its value, not only as a fundamental human experience, but also as an instructive and generous presence for others. Inviting people "in crisis" to stay on campus enriches the whole community. Seekers are contributors by their very presence - because their experiences can help to reveal hidden expectations, projections, rigidities, assumptions, self-deceptions and entitlement - all of the "should's," "must's," "never's," "always," and other inherited or conditioned stories that we call 'the rules of life.' Crisis has the capacity to ask all of us to revisit 'the fundamentals' with a different level of openness that comes only through shattering, and what is more fundamental than love?

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing, there is a field.
I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.

What you seek, is seeking you. 


- Rumi

What kind of crises are we talking about? for example:

  • the recent loss of a loved one; grief and mourning

  • receiving a challenging health diagnosis

  • spiritual crisis

  • post-retirement disorientation and ‘empty nest syndrome’

  • following a trauma, an accident, act of violence, or shock

  • general loss of life direction

  • loss of livelihood

  • overwhelm and burn-out 

  • identity confusion or transition

  • existential crisis...

We proceed with the belief that those in crisis benefit strongly from an environment of love; and also that being in crisis summons the search for love within. We call this "inner-connective" research

Historically, in many traditions throughout the world, it was possible for people in a state of crisis and transition to leave their daily lives and be supported by the community until they were ready to re-emerge. This has included many forms of hermitage or retreat into monasteries and temples, or other forms of sanctuary and refuge.


"Retreat spaces" are available today thanks to emerging spiritual centers, but they are often accompanied by certain belief systems or require a substantial amount of financial investment. La SOURCE provides this chrysalis without expectations of payment, because "well being" and "safe space" should be accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth and creed.

Inner-connective research at La SOURCE is a time and space to listen deeply, to observe, to explore, to question, to open, to release, and to just..... be. We can provide the sometimes much needed silence and stillness, natural and peaceful surroundings, creative and inspiring exchanges, and a community built on love. 


Seeker Retreats last between 1-4 weeks, during the Fall & Spring Research Semesters. 

(with a possibility of extension on a case-by-case basis)


We provide private and shared rooms, as well as continuous access to collective spaces - on a donation-only basis (pay what you can and as you feel).

(this includes ongoing and open access to: the wellness area with sauna, jacuzzi, pool, and botanical fire bath; meditation dome, greenhouse, our future food-forest, and all other on-campus amenities.)


Possibility to meet with and receive support from our Coordinators & Researchers offering healing, coaching or therapeutic practices through booking private sessions. (fees for these sessions is person and practice-specific - but will only be based on suggested donation)


Open participation in local excursions and community activities (trips to the beach, foraging walks, talking circles, sweat lodges, movement classes, etc.)



1 brief daily check-in with our Director or another Coordinator on campus; and participation in our weekly sharing circle. (this helps us know where you are in your process and how best to support you; it also keeps you grounded in the community.)

Openness to explore and engage with the research and practices of other residents. (there is obviously no pressure here; we ask only for the spirit of curiosity whenever possible.)

Participation in collective domestic chores to maintain a heathy & harmonious environment. (the usual stuff - cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. as you are able.)

A general attitude of generosity through contribution.

(We ask that everyone on campus comes in the spirit of support and participation. No one should feel pressured, and limits of personal health and balance will be respected.)

Please note that Seekers will be asked to contribute to the collective food budget. We ask for a donation of 10-15 euros per day.


We ask each seeker to sit-with the question: What is Love? and to create a response for us to include in our annual publication WORKBOOK/PLAYBOOK.

(There is no obligation, but this is strongly encouraged. This annual publication allows us to share your definitions of love, and the fruits of your experience with the world at large. This question can also provide an anchor during your stay.) 

Individual support and private sessions during a Seeker Retreat are based on the offerings of Coordinators on campus at any given time. This can include: Elemental Medicine, Archetypal Analysis, Initiation Coaching, Epistemological Mentoring, and other diverse practices. Please contact us for more information about what is offered during your period of application.

Please note that we are not a treatment center, and though we will do everything possible to offer an environment of support, compassion and love, we are not qualified to receive people in need of medical or psychiatric assistance. 

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