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Water flows deep below the surface of the earth. It circulates. We need it to live. It passes in and out of us. We take it in. We give it back. A SOURCE is a point at which the water flowing below becomes accessible to us, a point where the deep surfaces, a point of harvesting from the flow. That water is like Love.

Love. We have long said, as a human species, that love will save us, unite us, heal us, teach us, guide us... and we believe it has done so since the beginning of civilization.


Love has united humanity across all barriers - language, country border, culture, time - as the most persistent human fixation. But what exactly do we mean by “Love”? Do we all mean the same thing? If all we need is love, it might be helpful to discuss what precisely it is, or even to collect and share our many possible definitions. If only love can bring us together, maybe it’s a good idea to know how to call it into action, how to cultivate it, and how to put it into practice in the world. 


As humans, we seem to research everything we think is most important. Maybe it’s time to make Love - this force that has transcended even the limits of time and space - the subject of collective and intensive research and creation. Maybe it’s time to take Love seriously

Musicians, novelists, artists, philosophers, theologians, social scientists, ecologists, even neurochemists, (and so many more in so many disciplines) are all asking relevant questions about Love. La SOURCE gathers them all in the same place to ask these questions together - and to share our discoveries with everyone.

Project Summary

What is La SOURCE? ... and what do we mean by LOVE?

La SOURCE is an international and interdisciplinary research and art residency center dedicated to "Love-Studies". This is not yet a recognized field of research. We are planting a seed.

We do not search for a unified or singular definition. Instead, we create methodologies to further our understanding and feed the circulation of love.

La SOURCE is home to the TEMENOS art fellowship through which we invite artists (of all kinds) to engage & integrate the following '4 levels of love' through radical creative practice:

  • inner-connective (love within the self)

  • inter-connective (love between self & other)

  • eco-connective (love for our environment)

  • omni-connective (love amidst all that is)

We share the resulting practices, insights and creation through conferences, workshops, exhibitions & our annual publication: 


Insights & Practices for a Culture in Love

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