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Research & Creaton Residencies


We invite researchers and creators working in every field, discipline and tradition on projects or studies linked to love to come and work on their art, music, writing, ideas, practices, performances, theories and inquiries at La SOURCE. 

Love, you say? Yes, love. And no, we do not provide or aim to produce a singular definition of that concept. Instead, together, we build an archive of possible meanings, understandings and methods that help to explore and share its complexity, and ultimately increase its circulation in the world - in whatever form that may take.

We are searching for diversity in our residents, on every level. We imagine love to be like the water current deep below the surface of the earth (an aquifer) - it is therefore of potential relevance to every field of study, as it flows beneath everything.  It likely touches even topics that seem, on the surface, totally unrelated. 


We invite residents to work on one of 3 levels:

  • inner-connective love within the self ) 

  • inter-connective love between self & other )​

    • this is for anyone working on the level of 'human' interaction, ideas & communication: social scientists, dancers, philosophers, historians, poets, spiritual teachers, bodyworkers, psychologists, nurses, theologians, film makers...

  • eco-connective love for our environment )

    • this is for anyone working on the level of space, scenography & ecology: interior designers, botanists, geologists, environmental activists, architects, gardeners, foresters, permaculturists, set designers, archaeologists, conservationists, earth-builders...

So what is Holistic Research?

“Holistic Research” engages the head, the heart, and the hands; by bringing all three together (insight, connection & experience), we can build something greater than knowledge -> we can cultivate embodied WISDOM.

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